Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Junk Key

This is another 'circle' swap I have joined on the Secret Swappers.  Each person starts with a key, either a real one that has no use, or a decorative one, and chooses their theme.  They then add a key charm on their theme to their own key and pass it on to the next person who will add a charm in the key's theme and so on.  There are only five people to add to each key as it might get a bit bulky otherwise!

My theme was Gothic/Edgar Alan Poe, and I made my key charm about his poem, The Raven.   I had a metal wing charm big enough for me to add a tiny quote to, and a silver bird skull that I sanded and painted black with Humbrol enamel paint.  I hung the skull up to dry, and watched the paint slide down and drip off the end of the beak, I had to keep mopping it so I didn't end up with a big solidified drip hanging off it!

 However, in the end it looked quite effective, so I hung the charms off the key on a bit of silver chain and threaded some black cord through it all.  It is now away on its travels, and I look forward to getting it home in a few months with other people's work hanging from it too!