Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Angel Canvas Swap

This is a swap on the main UK Scrappers forum, based on a decorated canvas in a recent copy of Craft Stamper magazine.  It involved painting a pretty teaspoon and adding wings to make it an angel, then attaching it to a decorated canvas.

I was asked to make mine for Lynn, who wanted some blues and gold for her colour scheme,  The canvas came together quite well, with texture paint through stencils, papers and layers of paint.  The spoon proved more difficult as it took a few layers of gesso to cover it up, then I added a special iridescent paint and the gesso softened and wiped off!  I had to peel it all off and start again, this time I used ordinary acrylic paints and thicker layers of gesso and it seemed to do the trick.

 I am no artist so I refused to try and paint a face in the bowl of the spoon;  I thought I had suitable face stamps but it turned out I didn't!  Plan B then was to use air drying clay with a set of face moulds, and once they were dry I could pick one that fitted best, paint it and add it on.  The wings are a wooden butterfly that came in a free decoupatch kit from a magazine;  this was painted and then microbeads were added at the sides.

Lynn has now received her canvas and is pleased with it,  and I am looking forward to receiving mine in due course from my mystery swappee.


  1. Love the rich blues and her wings are gorgeous - lovely :)

  2. Ohhh! So clever to use the butterfly! This is gorgeous :) Loving seeing these come home!