Friday, 14 March 2014

Belt up!

After seeing how well my woven scarf turned out, I decided to have a go at weaving a belt using a similar method.  This time I used weaving sticks, which are virtually the same as the pegs in a peg loom except perhaps being a bit longer; these are held in the hand so are much more portable.  The only downsize is there is a limit on how many sticks can be comfortably held in one hand so they only come in sets of five usually.

This suited me fine as I only wanted to use four, and it probably didn't take me much more than an hour to weave the whole length even though I had to measure regularly to make sure I got the buttonholes woven in the right places.  I was pleased how this worked out, as the instruction leaflet didn't mention buttonholes so I had to work out the best way to do them before I started.

I used my favourite Sirdar Indie wool, which has a main colour and then changes to contrasting colours partway through.  I finally got to use a beautiful mossy agate button, which I have had in my stash for years because I fell in love with it at a show but didn't have anything in mind for it!

I have left the warp threads long for now, as I plan to tie found objects such as pieces of seashell and small hagstones onto them.

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