Saturday, 13 October 2012

Halloween Chunky ATC: Bones

The overall theme for the fourth chunky swap on UK Scrappers was Halloween, and my swappee on there was Rebecca, whose theme was Halloween rather than anything too specific. (My own theme was Witchy, and I can't wait to see what my chunky looks like!)

I had already, in readiness for Halloween crafting, bought a little skeleton, some gorgeous Halloween stamps, a small selection of charms and some glass pumpkin beads.  Even if they weren't suitable for the chunky theme I knew I would make use of them in something else.

I struggled to get started, until I picked up a brick wall stencil at a show, and realised I could use it with texture paste; so I duly got messy with paste, which I coloured ith some acrylic paint.  I was really pleased with the stone wall and arch that I created on one side of the chunky:
I covered the other sides with halloween patterned paper, and added pumpkin feet to it.  The sides were simply decorated with stamps and heat embossed:

On the back I added stamped images of cobwebs and cobwebbed poison bottles, alongside a resin bottle which I decorated with a spider charm
The front itself I kept fairly simple because I didn't want to cover up too much of the stone work.  I made shackles out of jump rings and necklace chain, and attached them to the side of the archway and the little skeleton.  I left Bones free standing, because I thought it would be fun if he could be moved around in front of the doorway.  I added a keep out sign because I felt that Bones was a skeletal guard to a forbidden magical chamber, which could only be accessed through the haunted archway.  Of course all you really need to do is turn the chunky round and you are there!)
 Finally, on the top I added a vial of blood with a bat charm hanging from the stopper, a skull and a tag with the Halloween date on it.

I padded out the box that Bones was sent in with Halloween chocolate and sweeties, and while I was buying them I saw a box of After Eight mints which gave me another idea, so I quickl made some extra packaging for the outside to turn them into After Midnight mints, because as we all know the haunting and spookiness doesn't really start until after midnight - the witching hour!
So there you have it.  I understand that Bones has now made his way safely to his new home to await Halloween!