Thursday, 13 December 2012

Victorian Christmas Chunky ATC

The fifth and final Chunky ATC swap on UK Scrappers was a Christmas one, and the lady I had to make for was Chris, AKA Scrapnanny.  Her theme was Victorian Christmas, which had me scratching my head because I am not really into anything Victorian!  It was my daughter's suggestion to make the front a toy shop window that set me off down the path that led to the finished article below.

My original vision was to have the whole front of the chunky as the window, with the children standing in front and looking through, but it was too fiddly to cut from card and I couldn't find a dolls house window the right size, hence the much smaller window. 

Once I had finished I had a suitable box to send it off in, but it was a cat food box and I felt that it had to be covered to make it more suitable.


  1. That is stunning Jane. Even though I wouldn't be a fan of Victorian Christmas, I so want this chunky so please remind me next year that I love Victorian Christmas and I want one just like this! Chris is one lucky lady!

  2. Ooooh, that is gorgeous!!! That rocking horse is spectacular ... may I ask where you got it??