Thursday, 29 November 2012

Altered Sardine Tin

I think this is the strangest swap I have taken part in to date!  Those taking part had to buy a fish tin, eat or otherwise dispose of the contents in some way (I believe cats may have been used for this purpose!), and alter the tin to your swappee's theme.

My swappee was very kind in that she gave a pretty good description of what she wanted, which involved an old fashioned circus side show peopled with characters like bearded ladies and fortune tellers.  I had a set of little wooden wheels fron a toy kit, and knew at once that I wanted to make the wagon that the sideshow travelled in.  There is indeed a bearded lady, and a fortune teller, but there are also other characters lurking behind as well as a pair of Siamese Twins  and a mermaid girl. 

I really enjoyed making the little wagon, and was sorry to see it trundle off to perform it's magic for Rebecca in France.