Friday, 10 May 2013

Rock Gods Swap

Back on UK Scrappers I am taking part in the Rock Gods swap, where the aim is to create a kind of fan club membership pack for my swappee's favourite rock band.  I had to create a pack for Fall out Boy, who I was totoally unfamiliar with until my daughter Gemma played me some of their songs and I realised I did know them after all!

The pack could be made up of a mix of bought and made stuff, with at least two items being made.  I made a membership card, and a minibook with photos of the band members, a potted history and a discography.  I also bought some loose badges, printed off a larger picture on card which I laminated before sticking the badges to it with foam pads and sealing the whole thing in a cellophane card bag. 

I also bought some stickers and a keyring and plectrum set plus a photo which has the band's autographs printed on it.  I thought how to package them, and decided to use a free drawstring bag that came from a show.  This had a logo printed on it which I covered with a photo printed on canvas fabric and stuck on.  Unfortunately the fabric of the bag was thin and the logo could be seen on the inside so I added another piece of canvas to the inside - and then had to paint and stamp over it to hide the logo as it was still obvious! 

I just hope my swappee likes it all!


  1. Great stuff ... good to see one 'finished' :) I need to crack on with mine !

  2. Love it Jane - this really is beautiful. Love the little bag and all the bits and bobs within. Fantastic job. Thank you. Superb!