Sunday, 2 September 2012

Domino Book swap

This took its inspiration from an article in Craft Stamper, and would have probably been a whole lot easier if I had managed to get hold of dominoes of a normal size, i.e. 1" x 2" instead of the 1.5 cm x 2.5 cm that was all I could find.  my swappee for this was Lexi again, and this time her theme was "There's no place like home"

I had some lovely house stamps which I thought would be perfect for this, but they had so be stamped on paper, scanned in and reduced in size to fit the book.  I set up a row of resized houses and trees, and printed them off twice (The second time in reverse) , before colouring them in, cutting them out and glueing them back to back. 

Two of the stamps were used on shrink plastic and shrunk before being coloured in and covered in clear embossing powder.  these were added to the dominoes used for the book covers, which had previously been painted and heat embossed before the edges were glued and dipped in micro beads.

Four tiny alphabet beads spelling home were glued to the base of the dominoes as feet.

The open book
The front cover
The back cover
The feet - as you can see, I had trouble tying the book tightly shut as it turned out that what I thought was a ribbon when I fished it out of my ribbon bag that evening was a piece of some kind of faux leather trim. 


  1. That is gorgeous Jane. The little home feet are adorable and I love the shaped book inside. All that on one of the tiny dominoes is amazing.