Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A new Chunky has arrived!

The third Chunky ATC swap on UK Scrappers is now in full swing, titled Chunky 3: The Full Chunky.  My own production is a little behind as I has to get some ATC's ready and sent to France, so they needed to go first. 

Mt theme was 'Under the sea', suggested by my daughter as I couldn'r decide what I wanted.  As soon as I sent in my request for this theme though, a certain song started playing in my head and must have been playing in my swappee's head too while she was making it for me!  Even before the wrapping was fully off, I could see tentacles, and when fully revealed it was an Octopus' garden, complete with seahorses and a handmade mermaid, although the crowning glory is the quivering octopus on the top!

This came from Lynn, who didn't take photos of it so I have put three on to show as much as I can.  This is her first chunky, but she has done a wonderful job and it brightened my day!

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