Friday, 25 May 2012

Tinchie swap - the Road Trip

The latest swap I have been involved in on UK Scrappers is a tinchie swap; this involves altering a mini mint tin to a designated theme and sending it to your swappee.  Mine was for Rebecca, and she wanted the theme Road Trip.  Unfortunately I got a bit confused what I was doing and started making a tin on a completely different theme entirely, which wasted two weeks.  As a result, I didn't have much time to plan and carry out the alteration so it had to be done using stuff I had to hand or could find locally.  I hope Rebecca is not too disappointed by the end result.


  1. Jane - that is fantastic :D I love it, it really is fab :D

  2. Disappointed? My flabber could not be more gasted! If this is what you can just knock up I am in awe. It is stunning and perfect. I love the little humourous touches - the picture of the campervan or caravan inside (that add real depth BTW), the surfboard and shoes! Love the suitcase, love the map, love everything about it. Will be postie stalking now. Thank you so much Jane. Sorry you wasted some time (was it because I wasn't clear on my theme - sorry :() but it is amazing.