Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Altered matchbox shrine

On UK Scrappers my most recent swap has been an altered matchbox.  My swappee's theme was fairies, and I knew just the stamp I wanted to use for the front!  Unfortunately it was way too small, so I stamped it, scanned and enlarged it and printed it out to the correct size.  I stiffened if with thin chipboard and painted it with irridescent paints.  Once the matchbox was filled appropriately the front was glued on and the various finishing touches added.

Here is a photo of the back, to show that there is still a matchbox in there somewhere!

And some more shots of the front and inside:


  1. That is stunning! And you were worried about it. I think it's inspired and I wish I'd picked fairies (and you) now! Brilliant.

  2. Absolutely fantastic, what a lot of work went into it

  3. So beautiful! What a lovely stamp xxx

  4. That's gorgeous, love the opening door and evreything :D